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Ben Tyler


I'm Ben Tyler, the owner of LEFT HAND FILM COMPANY: An INDEPENDENT creative power house. Born and raised in Jackson, MS, I moved to Atlanta in 2018 to put my stamp on the industry. My love for motion started as a youngin' back in Mississippi. I spent 6 years at a performing arts school, which shaped the way I would see the the world forever: Classically trained in paint, sketch work, and pottery.  But I took a more strategic approach and got my Bachelor of Arts in Advertising. You know, to combine the "left and right brain." I feel like film and art are one and the same.  You edit with the stroke of a brush, following the emotions captured, creating a compelling flow for the eye to follow. You find an inspiration and take it beyond what it was meant to be. We shape perception. We bend time. We make art that last forever.

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